Sunday, October 16, 2016

Casper Saves Halloween

Join "the friendliest ghost you know" for high-spirited afterlife antics in these 7 hauntingly hilarious animated adventures! Watch Casper come to the rescue in Casper Saves Halloween when his arch enemy tries to destroy his favorite holiday! Then, it's Love at First Fright when Casper's ghostly buddy Harry Scary develops an ectoplasmic affection for beautiful superstar Zsa Zsa Amour. Next, Casper's festive plans for Harry's 1,000th birthday are rudely interrupted when super-crook Muscles McSnort crashes the party in The Impossible Scream. Then, Casper reels in some seal-nappers in Something's Fishy, and snares a sneaky smuggler on an outing to the Space Circus. Finally, a scientist's time machine zaps Casper and Harry back to the age of dinosaurs for some Prehistoric Hi-Jinx and a portly vampire causes quite a flap for our two see-through heroes in the totally batty tale of Count Fatula!